My Fairtrade Marathon

Fairtrade Fortnight is finished for this year and all in all its been both interesting and successful. During the fortnight I had the opportunity to travel across Wales, together with the Fair Trade Wales team and take part in a huge variety of Fairtrade activities. What really hit me was the amount of enthusiasm from so many people from different sectors, all over the country.  Each committed to Fairtrade. I believe it is this wide range of actors, ideas and activities that makes our campaign so unique and strong.

I especially remember one event I was lucky enough to attend in the Bridgend county council on the 7th of March. For two hours not only the politicians, but also pupils from Nottage Primary School, people from the surrounding community, Fair Trade Wales staff and Mrunal Lahankar, cotton producer from India, engaged in discussion and games about how we can increase our support for Fairtrade. This shows how Fairtrade interests people from many various positions and parts of the world. What brings us together is our belief that Fairtrade makes a positive and important difference. With commitment and creativity,  we have together managed to create a campaign with the purpose of reaching a higher awareness of Fairtrade amongst the Welsh consumers, and also to show how trade can, and should, be built on respect and fairness.

With over 500,000 steps taken for Fairtrade we will soon be halfway to reach the target; 1,5 million steps before the end of 2012. During Fairtrade Fortnight I literally took 56 142 steps. Not bad, huh? During my working hours I wore a step counter that showed I’d walked over 24 miles, almost a full marathon. I have not been doing it alone either. I know that everyone involved in Fairtrade Fortnight has been working hard and passionately, and I can say that we have all been running marathons for Fairtrade!

Wales is known as the first, and only, Fair Trade nation in the world, and I think this country and its people really deserve that acknowledgment. I feel pleased to be part of the Fair trade movement in Wales and it is really fantastic how many steps we have taken together. Every step counts and every step will sooner or later result in a marathon.

I have been interning with Fair Trade Wales since September the last year, and I do really enjoy every day. Sadly enough, my internship now draws to close and in two weeks I will go back home to Sweden. I have learnt a lot during my stay in Wales and I am many experiences and friends richer. My passion for Fairtrade is strong and I will continue running marathons for Fairtrade. Fairtrade is a worldwide movement, and if we all keep on running marathons for Fairtrade we will get to a stage when all trade is fair. I believe in Fairtrade, I believe in us!

Kat Frankel

Darllen mwy ar