Say it with Fairtrade this Valentine’s Day.

Your choice of gift for expressing your love can help transform the lives of millions of farmers and workers in developing countries. Choosing Fairtrade this Valentine’s Day means that the people producing your gifts get a fair deal. From flowers to coffee and chocolate, you can find that perfect Fairtrade present for your special person.

Cariad Coffee

Cariad Coffee is a delicious, triple certified coffee that blends beans from Sumatra, Ethiopia and Central America. Cariad means love in Welsh, so what better a way to show the coffee fan in your life some love this Valentine’s Day? Available to buy from independent shops like Bodlon in Cardiff, or online.

Chocolate & Love

What an aptly named sweet treat for Valentine’s day. Not only is this collection of chocolate Fairtrade, Organic and Dairy Free – it has an incredible range of tasty flavours and looks exquisite too. The cocoa comes from Fairtrade farms in Panama, Peru and the Dominican Republic. Chocolate and Love is available to buy from Waitrose, Ocado, Sainsbury’s & some health food shops, including Bean Freaks.

Liz Earle with Cred Jewellery

The first fine Fairtrade jewellery collection designed by Liz Earle MBE is based on her long-term love for natural botanicals. The collection is adaptable and available in Fairtrade 24ct yellow gold & rose gold vermeil. These Mangrove heart studs are handmade by skilled artisans in Peru and are 100% certified Fairtrade. What a beautiful gift for Valentine’s Day.

Roses are red, violets are blue

Roses are one of the most iconic Valentine’s gifts. Flowers generally are chosen as a token of love throughout the year. As Allan Jenkins wrote in the Guardian earlier this week: “Most (cut flowers) are unsustainably grown…Choose homegrown spring flowers, or make the effort to discover your valentine’s favourite flowers, something personal for the person you care for…And if it must still be red roses, a plea please for Fairtrade if you can find them.” Through trading on Fairtrade terms, flower growers can invest in more sustainable farming techniques and take home a fair wage to care for their loved ones too.

Beautiful bouquets of red Fairtrade roses are currently £10 at the Coop.

There are lots of independent Fair Trade Outlets across Wales, selling a wonderful selection of Fair Trade foods and gifts, from Fairtrade footballs to colourful jewellery, crafts and more. If you want to give an unconventional gift this Valentine’s day but want to ensure it’s fair, you’ll find your nearest Fair Trade Outlet here.