Penygloddfa Primary school

Penygloddfa Primary school for their fanstatic Fair Trade song. Written by class 5/6 R and sang in the tune of ‘Sing Hosanna’

Every day working hard in the fields,
growing crops for the wealthy west.
Give me money for my goods, keep me living,
Make it fair so I can do my best.

Sing for Fairtrade, sing for Fairtrade,
Sing for Fairtrade round the world today,
Sing for Fairtrade, sing for Fairtrade,
sing for Fairtrade round the world.

In the fields all day long picking cocoa,
we get wages now that make it fair.
Give us schools for the young while we’re working,
and facilities for us to share.


Give me chocolate that is fair in my trolley,
tea, bananas, orange juice, coffee.
Far away round the world people living
They’re relying now on you and me.