We need a new website

We are looking for a web developer to help us develop our new website.

What we need:

A new bilingual website for fairtradewales.org.uk that will:

  • Engage new funders
  • Improve communication with members
  • Enable people to join the Fairtrade movement

It must:

  • Have easy functionality
  • Be future proofed

Our budget:

The total available budget is £4000 – £5000

Project deadline:

Our aim is for the website to launch at the end of January / beginning of February.

We have put together a web brief which can hopefully help you understand us more as an organisation and our website needs – who we are, what we do, who our stakeholders are and what people think of us.

Application deadline:

Applications should be sent in by 23 November 2020, at 23:59.

If you are interested in working with us please send an email to info@fairtradewales.org.uk and include a link to a portfolio with recent projects you think may fit.

We will be in touch when we’ve had a look through the interested emails.