New storybook available for schools!

The Banana Who Refused to Turn Yellow

A new booklet has been created to help school children in Wales find out more about one of the nation’s favourite fruits – bananas!

This beautifully illustrated booklet tells the story of a banana who tries to help plantation workers have a better quality of life through Fairtrade.

The booklet is aimed at younger children so is perfect for Foundation Phase classrooms. Through the story and characters, children will learn more about….

• where bananas come from and the people who grow bananas
• the challenges faced by banana farmers and workers
• the benefits of paying a fair price and having good working conditions for banana farmers and workers

These books are now sold out.

The story has been written by Fair Trade Campaigner Rod Brocklehurst and has been funded by Fair Trade Wales. We would be very grateful for your feedback to help us discover how useful it is for teaching and learning and if more copies should be printed.