My Fair Trade Internship

My name is Camille and I am currently an intern with Fair Trade Wales. I come from Nantes in France and I need to complete an internship as part of my course at IDRAC Business School.

Before I came to Cardiff to begin this internship, the idea of fair trade was not really clear, but I now think it is a very important movement. It is very interesting to be in the first Fair Trade capital in the world! At the same time I felt nervous by the barrier of the language and the possibility of not being able to play my part in the Fair trade movement.

My exceptions of this experience are : to develop my communication skills, improve my English, learn about fair trade and promote the idea. I am interested in planning and organising event so the fashion show organised by Fairdo’s (the fair trade shop where I do another part of my internship) was really enriching.  It was my approach of organising an event.

I have also learnt a lot about the idea of Fair trade which includes many things and now I see in different way to consume.

Moreover, I am lucky to share this experience in a great team with lovely people! I would recommend it to everyone!