Llanarth Primary

During last term Llanarth Primary School chose the theme ‘Food and Farming’.  Here are some of the activities that took place -

Whole school activities – Every week there was a Fair Trade tuck shop (selling snacks created by each class) and a cookery club which included Fair Trade recipes.

Linking with international partners - As Llanarth is linked with Mpinganjira School in Malawi and Chapess Basic School in Ghana, the Food and Farming theme was used as a partnership project. Each class studied a Fairtrade product from one of the two countries including sugar and cocoa. A teacher from the school who visited Ghana made a resource file of her visit to a cocoa farm to use in the classroom and file of resources on food and farming in Wales was also taken out to Ghana.

Curriculum links – In Design and Technology, Year 4, 5 and 6 studied oats during World Porridge Day and designed, costed and made healthy oat bars using Fairtrade honey to sell at the tuck shop.   Pupils also mapped Fair Trade foods around the world and wrote ‘A day in the life of a coco farmer’ to develop their geographical knowledge and literacy skills.

What a great way to engage the whole school and ensure pupils deepen their knowledge and understanding about where their food comes from and Fair Trade issues. Great work Llanarth!