Regional events

Regional events

North Wales Fair Trade Conference

Where: Pontio, Bangor

When: Friday 30 September

We had a conference as part of ‘Bringing the World to Bangor’, a weekend of events looking at themes such as Diaspora engagement, Black History Month, and Fair Trade. We heard Roger Arcos Ponte, a gold miner from Peru. We also had workshops on a variety of Fair Trade topics.

Keynote speaker:

Roger Arcos Ponte, MACDESA

Roger told us about the history of mining in his community and how being paid fairly has meant that they were able to rebuild homes and schools after a fire, are now mining more safely after purchasing equipment, and that they have provided a local school with computers.


1. Gold : the technical bits

Looking into the process of gold mining and the Fairtrade gold certification scheme in-depth with Roger Arcos Ponte, MACDESA and Adam Gardner, Fairtrade Foundation

2. Introduction to Fair Trade

This was an opportunity to learn about what Fair Trade is, and to ask questions. It looked at global trade rules, why Fair Trade is important, the history of the Fair Trade movement, and how to make a difference with Aileen Burmeister, Fair Trade Wales.

3. Fair Trade Wales: what’s new?

A chance to learn about exciting developments in Wales and how you can make a bigger difference in your communities, be it with the council, schools and or businesses with Elen Jones, Fair Trade Wales

4. Access to funding

Fair Trade groups in Wales can get grants for activities in Wales from £50 – £5K. Groups with links and activities in Africa can apply for up to £15K. Julian Rosser, Grants & Policy Manager at Hub Cymru Africa, talked about how to get your hands on the cash.

See us on the day: North Wales Fair Trade conference photo album

“Good day – lots of info”


mid-Wales Fair Trade celebration

We had a celebration of all things Fair Trade with cake, stalls and talks with Aberystwyth Fair Trade town and Aberystwyth University and Students Union.

Where: Morlan, Aberystwyth

When: Saturday 19 September


Why choose Fairtrade Cotton?

Subindu Garkhel, Cotton Product Manager, Fairtrade Foundation.

Fashion is one of the most glamourous industries in the world, but the people behind the fabrics struggle to make a living. Hear how Fairtrade is making a difference to cotton producers lives, how the fabrics are produced from seed to shop, and recent developments in Fairtrade with the Fairtrade Sourcing Programme and new Fairtrade Textile Standard.

  • Presentation

Ffion’s East African Fair Trade Journey

Ffion Storer-Jones, Project Coordinator, Fair Trade Wales.

Hear about Ffion’s recent trip to East Africa and the people she met along the way. She spent the month of May in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania visiting various Fairtrade organisations: from coffee co-ops high in the Rwanzi Mountains of Western Uganda to gold mines deep below the rusty earth of Tanzania.

Fair Trade in Lebanon

Elen Jones, National Coordinator, Fair Trade Wales.

Elen will guide you through the tastes and sights of Lebanon as she shares her experiences of their Fair Trade approach to supporting local producers and artisans. In the face of many ongoing challenges in the country, Fair Trade is seen as a way to help stabilise and grow the economy by accessing the global market. Fair Trade tasters available.

  • Presentation


Thank you to all the stallholders on the day, for Treehouse for our lovely cakes and to CroesoAber for the drinks.

  • Fair Trade Wales

  • Oxfam

  • Traidcraft

  • Coop

  • Aberystwyth Students Union / Aberystwyth University

  • Shared Interest

  • Morlan Centre

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“I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to talk to like minded people and network with people who work in the Fairtrade/ethical supply sector.”


South Wales Fair Trade networking day

We held a day for Fair Trade supporters to keep up to date with the Fairtrade Foundation, ourselves and of course, each other!


Fair Trade Wales (Elen Jones)

Fairtrade Foundation (Rachael Sweet)


These were opportunities to have 15 minutes with an expert.

Open Space:

All who attended were able to contribute what they wanted to discuss and these were grouped into subject areas for discussion in the afternoon. the four topics were:

  • Fairtrade Fortnight

  • Certification systems / programmes (utz / cocoa life)

  • Strengthening your Fair Trade group

  • Supermarkets and Suppliers / supply chains

See us on the day: South Wales Fair Trade networking day photo album

‘Liked the opportunity to hear about current fairtrade issues. Inspired to continue with campaigning for Fairtrade!’