Fairness In Business

Fairness In Business

Do you want to change the world?

Your workplace could be making a difference to people’s lives by switching to Fairtrade. 

With every Fairtrade purchase; from every cup of tea and every spoonful of sugar you can make a difference. Fairtrade is a global movement for trade justice, and when a product carries the Fairtrade mark, you can be sure that farmers and workers have received fair prices, decent working conditions, use environmentally sustainable practices and receive the added Fairtrade Premium which they can invest in their businesses or community projects like better health facilities and clean water.

As a business, you can change the world simply by offering Fairtrade products to your staff and visitors. Switching to Fairtrade is easy, and a great way to evidence your internal Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and build a stronger profile within your community for your good work.

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Want to go further?

Get involved with the Fair Trade Business Project.

What does it involve?

The Fair Trade is my Business project is an opportunity for your business to explore different ways you can support the farmers and producers that make and grow the things we love. We can assist in exploring the different ways you can support Fairtrade, and see what works best for you. From simply switching your tea and coffee to Fairtrade, to including Fairtrade ingredients in your produce or having Fairtrade uniforms, there are many ways to commit to supporting Fairtrade.

Why is Fairtrade good for business?

Choosing Fairtrade is more than just evidence of your internal corporate social responsibility; it provides opportunity for staff engagement and team building. It will show your staff and customers that you’re committed to sustainability, giving you a strong profile in your local community. Through your commitment to ethical procurement, you will contribute to Wales’s Future Generations Act; creating a globally responsible Wales – putting your company on the world stage as a result of your positive impact on the producers of the commodities you work with; playing an active part in the bid to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Wales and Fair Trade

Wales as the World’s first Fair Trade nation has shown lasting commitment to Fair Trade. Across the country, there are a significant number of people that use, buy and support Fairtrade; from government to 1000s of schools, universities and businesses. Be the next to join this long list of supporters by signing our Fair Trade Business Policy.



National Fair Trade Purchasing Guide

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