Fair Trade Wales comment on Welsh Government school uniform guidance

Following the guidance from Welsh Government offering advice for governing bodies and head teachers on issues relating to school uniform policy we issue the following statement.

Aileen Burmeister National Coordinator for Fair Trade Wales says:

“We welcome this Welsh Government guidance and fully support the need for uniform to be gender-neutral and affordable. It’s not right that parents struggle to send their children to school with all the hidden costs associated with it. Farmers and factory workers who produce school uniforms also struggle with such challenges.

We urge parents and schools to consider buying Fair Trade school uniforms, so that children of the people growing the cotton and sewing the uniforms are also able to go to school.

Supporting Fair Trade can make a difference to your school and community. It can support learning around Fair Trade, develop links to education for sustainable development and global citizenship and collaboration within the local community”.

For more information about Fair Trade uniforms please visit our website: fairtradewales.com/fair-trade-nation/schools/schooluniforms