Youth Groups & Clubs

Youth Groups & Clubs

Why get involved?

Bringing Fair Trade into your youth group or club enables young people, volunteers and staff  to become fully engaged in a global movement of change and part of our Fair Trade Nation. It’s also an opportunity for those involved to learn about the issues around Fair Trade, get to know different cultures and communities and have a better understanding of our inter-connected world.

How to get involved?

While there is not an official Fair Trade scheme for youth groups or clubs at the moment, and therefore no official guidelines, there are many ways to bring Fair Trade into the heart of your ethos and activities. Here are some suggestions -

1.  Educate: Encourage all members of the club to be aware of Fair Trade and understand the issues. Set aside part of a weekly meeting to introduce the topic. Take a look at the resources page for some activity ideas!

2. Buy Fair Trade: Where possible, purchase Fair Trade products such as coffee, tea, chocolate, fruit and even sports balls! This can be for a monthly camping trip, quiz night with parents’ attending or baking evenings.  If you have a tuck shop or vending machine, fill it with Fair Trade options. weekly meeting to introduce and explore the topic.

3. Uniform: If you have a uniform, such as embroidered hoodies or neckerchiefs, why not try to use Fair Trade suppliers.

4.  Nominate: Nominate a Fair Trade Officer or a small Fair Trade Committee to researches and organise Fair Tradethemed activities and events.

5.  Get Active: Get the local community involved by having events such as a bake sale using Fair Trade sugar, chocolate and fruit. At events with raffles or prize giving, think of using Fair Trade goods and flowers.

6.  Policy: Write a Fair Trade policy, sign it and display in your centre and display it for all to see!

If you want to know more about bringing Fair Trade into your youth group or club just get in touch!