Welsh Government

Welsh Government

The Welsh Government has made a long term commitment to supporting Fair Trade. In particular it has promised to:

  • Use and promote Fairtrade products internally including Fairtrade tea / coffee / sugar / biscuits at all meetings.
  • Ensure Fairtrade products are available at all catering outlets & vending machines.
  • Actively promote Fairtrade Fortnight each year.
  • Highlight Fair Trade as a workable alternative trade model, demonstrating their support for Trade Justice worldwide.
  • Produce an annual public report on the progress of the Fair Trade country campaign including awareness of Fair Trade and sale of Fair Trade goods.
  • Provide financial support for promotion and development of Fair Trade in Wales.
  • Produce procurement guidance favourable to procurement of Fairtrade products.
  • Fund national campaign to promote Fair Trade in schools.
  • Promote Fair Trade through trade agreements, MOA’s etc.
  • Provide specific resources to develop new and existing Fair Trade businesses.
  • All public sector contracts to require a Fair Trade policy from the supplier.

“Through this outstanding commitment we are making a real difference to the lives of producers and farmers in developing countries. We are confirming our commitment to paying a fair price for their produce, and helping their families and communities to trade their way out of poverty.”

Rt. Hon. Carwyn Jones, The First Minister of Wales.