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Universities and Colleges

What is a Fairtrade University or College?

A Fairtrade University or College is an institution that has committed itself to selling and promoting Fairtrade goods, and educating it’s students and staff about Fairtrade.

To become a Fairtrade University or College, an institution must meet the 5 goals set down by the Fairtrade Foundation. These goals are:

  1. The creation of Fairtrade policies

    Both the Student Union and university/college authorities must create Fairtrade policies incorporating these 5 goals. A member of the SU Executive and a representative of the university/college would each take primary responsibility for implementing this policy, and agree to sit on the Fairtrade Steering group.

  2. Fairtrade foods available in all campus outlets

    Fairtrade foods are to be made available for sale in all campus outlets and are to be used in all cafes/restaurants/bars on campus. Where this is not possible, there is a commitment to begin to use Fairtrade foods in these establishments as it becomes possible to do so.

    Foods to be sold would be those that are available in Fairtrade form but are currently only sold non-Fairtrade form. For instance, if a cafe currently sells coffee they would be obliged to add a Fairtrade brand to their stock or replace it with Fairtrade. There is not an obligation to sell Fairtrade foods that they do not already sell as non-Fairtrade, although an expanded range is always encouraged!

  3. Fairtrade foods served at all meetings hosted by the institution

    Fairtrade foods (e.g. coffee, tea and sugar) are served at all meetings hosted by the university/college and the Student Union, and are served in all university/college and Student Union management offices.

  4. Commitment to campaign for increased Fairtrade consumption

    There is a commitment to campaign for increased Fairtrade consumption on campus. In particular, at least 3 of the following methods must be in operation at any one time:

    - Articles and other appropriate material to be included in student newspaper and on the university/college website. Promotion of the Fairtrade Mark could also take place in other appropriate publications, such as university prospectuses.
    - Fairtrade Foundation materials displayed on notice boards around the campus(es), as well as in every place where Fairtrade foods are sold.
    - Fairtrade Fortnight is THE big opportunity to promote Fairtrade foods and increase sales, with the university/college committing itself to running a series of events during Fairtrade Fortnight. The steering group, in collaboration with other appropriate bodies/groups, would be responsible for organising this.

  5. Establish a Fairtrade steering group

    The Group will meet at least once a term to reflect on the progress of each of these goals, and decide how to go about continuing to excel in these goals.
    The suggested membership of the Fairtrade Steering Group would include a representative from the following groups:

    - The University/College Catering Services
    - The University/College authority
    - The SU Executive
    - The SU Catering/Commercial Services
    - An appropriate SU society
    - Other stakeholders as deemed appropriate by the Steering Group

    The steering group will be required to send a full report to the Fairtrade Foundation, explaining how each goal has been achieved in order for status to be awarded.
    For the university’s status to be retained, the steering group is expected to develop these goals and send a report at the end of every academic year to the Fairtrade Foundation.

    There is no right or wrong order in which to approach the 5 Goals, each institution will have a different way of working and therefore a different way of approaching them.

    You can contact Fair Trade Wales for help and advice on getting started.

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