Towns and Counties

Towns and Counties

What is a Fairtrade Town/County?

A Fairtrade Town is a community that has made a commitment to supporting Fairtrade, and through it to support disadvantaged farmers and communities in the developing world. In practical terms this means:

  • The community will have significant understanding and awareness of the concept of Fairtrade
  • Fairtrade products will be widely available, bought and used throughout the town/county
  • A commitment will have been made to increasing sales and awareness further still through promotional and educational activities

How to become a Fairtrade Town/County

The 5 steps are:

  1. Establish a steering committee

    The local steering committee is essential to ensuring continued commitment to Fairtrade Status. The group should ideally include a council representative, campaigners and people representing the town’s schools, faith groups and businesses. The group will be responsible for submitting the town’s Fairtrade Status application.

  2. Local council resolution

    The local council needs to pass a resolution supporting Fairtrade and agreeing to serve Fairtrade tea and coffee at it’s meetings, and in it’s offices and canteens.

  3. Fairtrade products available locally

    Fairtrade products should be readily available in the local area’s shops and cafes/catering establishments. It should be easy for local people to find Fairtrade products as they do their everyday shopping. Specific targets are available on the resources page.

  4. Fairtrade in local work places & organisations

    Fairtrade products should be used by a number of local workplaces and community organisations (churches, schools etc). This should also include a flagship employer.

  5. Attract media coverage & popular support

    For the press the story can be revived as each goal is achieved, organising a big splash for the Fairtrade Status award ceremony and developing a strategy to keep it in the news long after.

Need Support?

Have a look at these resources and please contact us for help and advice to help make (and keep) your town Fairtrade.

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