Fair Trade School Uniforms

Fair Trade School Uniforms

Why use Fair Trade School Uniforms?

In the UK we spend £1 billion per year on school uniforms, but currently only a tiny percentage is on Fair Trade uniforms.

Here are some facts which show the current problems with the cotton production and school uniform manufacturing industry -

  • Thousands of cotton workers die every year because of pesticide poisoning.
  • Cotton is often picked by children who have been trafficked and denied Basic human rights
  • Asda and Tesco consistently reduce prices on their school uniforms by up to 50% Year on year so…
  • School uniform workers are paid a poverty wage, have no rights and have to work forced overtime, and can suffer abusive threats from supervisors.

Fair Trade helps farmers and workers around the world improve their own lives and work themselves out of poverty. Every Fair Trade school uniform bought in the UK represents real benefits such as schools, books, clean drinking water and health clinics to disadvantaged farmers  and workers who often can’t afford to send their own children to school.

What are the benefits to my school?

Choosing Fair Trade school uniforms also benefits your own school and community:

  • Developing learning – pupils understand more about how their clothes are made and the benefits of Fair Trade to the lives of the people who make them.
  • Links to Education for Sustainable Development & Global Citizenship – action and learning around Fair Trade uniforms can contribute to your ESDGC action plan
  • Fairtrade Schools Award – help your school achieve or maintain Fairtrade School status!
  • Involving local community – Making parents aware of a Fair Trade uniform option enables the wider community to contribute to the schools global citizenship policy.

Cotton in the Classroom

There are a number of helpful teaching resources to help you bring the issues around cotton production to life in your school.

Many more bilingual resources around the theme of cotton are available on the Fair Trade Wales website.

Where can we buy Fair Trade uniforms?

Please see below for a list of suppliers:

Kool Skools Provide Fairtrade cotton polos, t shirts and hoodies to schools, with in- house embroidery facilities and a school visit presentation service.

Cotton Roots provides Fairtrade and organic polo shirts and  sweatshirts to schools. They also have an house embroidery service.