IFTTC 2019

IFTTC 2019

Exciting news: 

The 13th International Fair Trade Towns Conference (IFTTC)

Fri 18th- Sunday 20th October, 2019, Cardiff. UK


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  • Talk – talk with Q&A, run a workshop, give quickfire talk etc
  • Run a trade stall – Sell crafts, products, give out samples and testers
  • Be part of exhibition – run interactive/info stall

Where is the IFTTC 2019: City Hall, Cardiff, Wales. UK

What is the IFTTC: The International Fair Trade Town conference is the annual event that brings together all those that are part of the Fair Trade Towns movement, from enthusiasts of Fair Trade and trade justice, activists, volunteers, grass root campaigners, local authority representatives and national organisations.  Since the declaration of the 1st Fair Trade Town in Garstang, UK in 2001, the campaign has grown from strength to strength and there are now more than 2085 Fair Trade Towns in 34 countries across the world.

What can I expect from the IFTTC 2019: The 13th International Fair Trade Towns Conference will be held in the world’s first Fair Trade Nation, from 18 – 20 October 2019 and will include high level panel discussions, innovative workshops, fair trade stalls and fantastic networking opportunities. Come and learn about all things fair trade, trade justice and sustainable trade and get involved in one of the world’s largest movements. 300 people will come together from towns, villages and cities, NGOs, national fair trade organisations and fair trade producers, workers and growers from all over the world. There will also be the opportunity to sample and seek out wonderful products and meet the people behind them.

When: Fri 18th – Sunday 20th October, 2019


For anything else: elen@fairtradewales.org.uk or  0044 7377 392208

Strategic partner – Welsh Government, supported by Cardiff Council, Welsh Centre for International Affairs, Scottish Fair Trade Forum and The International Fair Trade Towns Steering Committee.