Church In Wales Celebrates Fair Trade Sunday!

Churches across Wales will be focussing on “Fair Trade” this Sunday  and highlighting the need for justice in the global food market.

Sunday, February 23, is being set aside to encourage people to choose Fair Trade products where possible and to think more carefully about how food is produced. It is part of the Church’s bid to become a Fair Trade Province, which means 70% of its churches commit to using Fair Trade tea, coffee and other products where they can and to learning more about Fair Trade issues.

The accreditation body for this initiative is Fair Trade Wales and so far more than 40% of churches have signed up.

The Bishop of Swansea and Brecon, John Davies, said, “Lots of us enjoy a cup of tea or coffee after a church service and at other times but we need to drink them responsibly. These days we are made aware of the high cost many producers have to pay in order for us to enjoy our cuppa. Fortunately, however, thanks to the Fair Trade movement, we have the option to choose products that have been produced without people being exploited or being made to work in dangerous or unprotected conditions. By supporting Fair Trade, we have the chance to help promote equality and justice in food production across the globe. Look out for the Fair Trade mark when you shop, and do your bit for fairness.”

Revd Carol Wardman, the Bishops’ Adviser for Church and Society added, “Many people would have first come across Fair Trade products at church – we were promoting them many years before they started to sell at supermarkets. Now we want to go one step further and lead the way again by committing ourselves to becoming a Fair Trade Province. This Sunday, which is at the start of Fair Trade Fortnight, churches will be using special prayers and themed services to focus on Fair Trade issues. We hope all our churches will get involved, and show that we are a church of love in action.”

Prayers and readings for Fair Trade Sunday can be downloaded here.

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