Fair Trade and Local Food

Fair Trade and Local Food

We believe that farmers everywhere deserve a fair deal and by choosing Fairtrade products and locally sourced products you can create a fairer, more sustainable world.

The vast majority of Fairtrade products can’t be produced in this country, so when doing your weekly shop – buy local where possible; and when buying imported goods like tea and coffee, buy Fairtrade.

By buying both locally grown and Fair Trade products consumers are choosing to give farmers a fair deal wherever they are. The benefits of choosing to buy Fair Trade and locally are:

  • Stronger communities – home and abroad
  • Respect for the environment
  • Long term sustainability
  • Recognising the people behind the products

Farmers Union of Wales (FUW)

We have teamed up with the Farmers Union of Wales to agree on the message ‘If you can’t buy local produce, buy Fair Trade produce.’
Fair Trade Wales and the Farmers’ Union of Wales agree there need be no conflict between buying Fairtrade and buying local produce. Buy local meat, dairy, and other products to support your local economy, and buy quality Fairtrade coffee, tea, fruit and other products that can’t be grown locally to help Fairtrade producers in the developing world get a fair deal.

Buying locally and fairly globally are both important parts of helping to create a fairer world.
Read information from the FUW here http://www.fuw.org.uk/FairTrade.html

National Farmers Union Cymru (NFU)

The National Farmers Union Cymru have also agreed to support the work of Fair Trade Wales and have given recognition to the role that Fair Trade plays in helping support farmers in developing countries.

The NFU Cymru stated that although “Wales has idyllic conditions for creating some of the world’s finest food… we must also recognise those farmers in different climates that produce food that it is virtually impossible for us to grow.”

At their Welsh food event in 2009 the NFU announced at their celebrations everything that could not be locally sourced for their event was “sourced in line with Fair Trade Wales protocols to show our support for Fair Trade Wales.”