Where are we now and where next?

Where are we now and where next?

Key Stats

  • 82% of our local authorities have achieved Fairtrade status.
  • 93% of our universities have achieved Fairtrade status.
  • 91 Fairtrade town, counties and village groups in Wales are actively making a difference
  • 100s of faith groups
  • 50% of welsh schools are registered on the Fairtrade Schools Scheme
  • 150 schools in Wales have been awarded Fairtrade Status
  • 20% of UK schools that have been awarded Fairtrade Status are based in Wales, despite welsh schools only representing 6.7% of the total number of UK schools.

Young people are the key to fair trade becoming part of our normal shopping habit and for solidifying fairness in trade. The Fairtrade School Scheme allows young people across Wales, and the UK to learn not only about where products come from but about global citizenship, trade justice and sustainability.

As an educating tool it can motivate and inspire the next generation and it creates opportunities to discuss global issues and responses. As part of the Welsh Government’s One Wales: One Planet sustainable development objective, every school will be a Fairtrade school. We need your help to get there.