Wales Elects New NCC Rep

The NCC is a group of elected Fairtrade campaigners who represent the views of campaigners from their region. There are 12 across the UK and Jenny will have the opportunity to help  mould the direction of the Fairtrade Foundation, represent campaigners at a governance level and also feed into the development of Fairtrade campaigns and resources.

Jenny is a keen advocate for Fairtrade and has been Chair of Swansea Fair Trade City group for a number of years. We’d like to congratulate her on her new role and look forward to working closely with her in coming years.

To get in touch with her, email

A message from Jenny:

Dear All,

As your duly elected regional representative on the Fairtrade Foundation’s National Campaigner’s Committee I travelled to London earlier this month for my first meeting. It was a very interesting experience. The attached has a summary of the meeting. Please feel free to pass it on to others in Wales.

I met people from all parts of the UK and it was really good to meet them and find out about their campaigns. We also met a number of the foundation’s dedicated staff and had some really useful discussions. We felt like our views as campaigners were really being listened to.

 Regional Coordination

I learnt that we are very fortunate to have Fairtrade Wales helping with regional coordination. In some other regions, they do not even have a list of email addresses to contact and share their experiences with.

The Regional Coordinator’s section has some ides for what could be useful for regions. Fairtrade Wales already do some of this and I am hoping to meet up with them shortly to discuss these ideas with them and to complete my knowledge of all that they offer. But I would value you comments on this too. I will be expected to feedback at the next meeting so please can I have any suggestions by 2nd September?

Next Meeting

I know that I still have a lot to learn and look forward to going to the next NCC meeting on September 16th. If you have anything you want me to raise at this meeting then please do get in touch.



For more information on the NCC click here