Update from the National Campaigner Committee 30th April 2014

Fairtrade Foundation: National Campaigner Committee

30 April 2014

Summary bullets

1. Fairtrade Fortnight 2014

Stick with Foncho was a good campaign with a great message of
trade justice.. Levels of engagement were higher than predicted overall. The petition is likely to be
presented to Vince Cable near World Fair Trade Day on 9th May 2014 and there are just a few more
days to sign. So far there are in excess of 63,000 signatures on- and offline – a significant and
credible number.. The next stage of the Make Bananas Fair campaign will take place in the Autumn.

2. Role and effectiveness of NCC

There was a robust discussion with the Campaigns Team about
progress to date and the way forward. NCC work has helped to re-shape the schools programme,
shift the focus of the Foundation’s fundraising activities, encourage the Foundation to support
campaign activities for Fairtrade gold, promote involvement of the members organisations (eg
Oxfam, Traidcraft, Christian Aid, etc) during Fairtrade Fortnight, and led to a sharper focus on trade
justice in Fairtrade Fortnight campaign this year . There is still plenty of room for improvement
when it comes to role as regional representatives and acting as a conduit for information between
the Foundation and the grassroots.

3. Plans for Fairtrade Fortnight 2015

Initial thoughts are to highlight the impact and core values of
Fairtrade evidenced by its stakeholders rather than specific campaign or commodity focus. The
theme will be announced in the Autumn and materials will be available

4. Communications about new Fairtrade model

The Fairtrade Foundation were encouraged to start communicating more proactively with campaigners about the new Fairtrade Sourcing Programs that have been launched by Fairtrade International and which will be introduced in the UK by the end of 2014. Meanwhile this briefing about FSP is available on the Foundation’s website and there is more
information on the Fairtrade International website.

5. Priorities for Campaigns team

Overall strategic priorities include maximising campaigner/supporter engagement during Fairtrade Fortnight to achieve campaign objectives, improving the Foundation’s internal systems for managing communications (including a major
upgrade of their campaigner database) and improvements to the Fairtrade Schools programme to encourage schools taking their first steps on Fairtrade while still providing a framework to reward the more active schools. This represents a shift from certification to rewarding positive steps, and similar revisions may be proposed for Fairtrade Towns and the other certification schemes.

6. ‘Ambassadors’ scheme

To be launched by the end of 2014 with supporting materials to individuals who wish to be available as speakers on Fairtrade, go into schools and be informed helpers at events organised by campaigners. It is that many people already active as campaigners will be interested on taking on this role and that it will be complementary with other speaker
schemes such as Traidcraft’s.

7. 20th anniversary FAIRTRADE Mark

Conference to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Fairtrade Mark will be held in London in October, bringing together representatives of the UK Fairtrade movement including campaigners, NGO’s, and businesses . This will take the place of the National Supporter Conference and the Commercial Conference. In their place there will be 7 regional supporter events across the UK in the Autumn and look out for details of these will be available on the website in coming weeks. (South West – September 13, London – September 17, Northwest September, Northern Ireland – early-mid October, North West – early-mid October, East of England – early to mid October).-

8. 20th anniversary celebration events

The Foundation will be developing a pack with suggestions for how local Fairtrade Town groups can also celebrate 20 years of the Fairtrade Mark.

9. The International Fair Trade Towns conference will be held in Bristol 4th and 5thJuly 2015

Conference theme will be ‘Fairtrade and Sustainability’. Aims are to demonstrate these links, and also give
delegates a flavour of Bristol’s unique character with fringe events like celebration on Fri 3rd of Bristol as European Green Capital 2015 and Keep Sunday Special Festival. The organising committee are open to suggestions of involvement from other regions in the conference itself or even add-on visits to other regions for small groups of delegates. For more information please contact Jenny Foster bristolfairtradenetwork@gmail.com

10. Fairtrade Foundation Website – good news!

The Foundation is finally sorting out its website and a new (and better) one will be available later in 2014.

11. New developments in Fairtrade Gold

A new Fairtrade gold website has been launched and later in 2014 there will be a specific campaign about Fairtrade gold wedding rings. For more information go to www.fairgold.org or see Greg Valerio’s (Fairtrade International gold coordinator) blog at blog.gregvalerio.com.

Wales Elects NCC Rep