The Fair Trade Way – from Ammanford to Bristol

Delegates from as far afield as Colombia, Ghana, Japan and America are among those attending the International Fair Trade Towns conference in Bristol on the 4th and 5th July 2015. But the delegation who will be taking the longest journey to get there will be the delegation from Ammanford in Carmarthenshire, Wales.

They will leave Ammanford on Friday 26th June, to walk all the way to the conference.

They will be joined at various stages along the way by local Fair Trade supporters, and schools from Ammanford, Abercynon, Cardiff and Undy will also link up with the walkers and provide inspiration to keep weary legs going. Walkers will warm up at the start of their mammoth walk by making Fairtrade banana smoothies on iSmooth’s bicycle powered smoothie maker in Ammanford’s Piazza. Their journey will include a visit to the Newport Wetlands Centre, a walk over the Severn Bridge, and a meeting with a Nicaraguan Fair Trade coffee producer.The walkers will also stop at various Co-Operative Food stores, who will be supplying energy boosting Fairtrade bananas and refreshing bottles of water for the walkers. Dai Davies from Ammanford Co-Operative will be one of the delegation walking the full route. Aching feet will be soothed by Fairtrade foot cream donated by LUSH.

Phil Broadhurst, who has organised the walk with support from Oxfam, Fair Trade Wales and Fair Trade Town groups along the route, said : “The opportunity to attend an international conference of grass roots campaigners from all around the world is so inspiring. We wanted to mark it in a way that helps spread the inspiration of the conference and the message of Fair Trade as widely as possible. Walking there, and linking up with more Fair Trade supporters along the way, seems like a great way to spread the word of Fair Trade and let people throughout South Wales know about the difference that Fair Trade makes to people around the world.”

Phil is also getting sponsored to raise money for Oxfam.

The walk which totals over 100 miles, starts with a short walk on Friday 26th June, involving Ammanford schools, and then includes seven days of walks over 15 miles long, going from Brynaman to Hirwaun, then along the Cynon Trail to Abercynon, the Taff Trail to Cardiff, the Wales Coast Path to Chepstow, over the Severn Bridge, and then along the Severn Way to Bristol.

You can follow the walkers’ progress on facebook : and twitter : @ftwwales)



For more information / photo opportunities, please contact Phil Broadhurst on 01269 596933 / 07580383598

The Ammanford Delegation’s walk to the International Fair Trade Town’s Conference. 26th June – 4th July.

(Apart from start of days, timings are approximate – dependent on weather and fitness!)

Any questions, and for updates on the days : call Phil Broadhurst on 07580383598. See below for facebook and twitter details.


Friday 26th June :

9.30 – 10am : Ammanford send-off.

On the Piazza if fine, or in iSmooth community cafe if wet.

Fairtrade Smoothie Making with iSmooth community cafe’s bicycle powered smoothie maker!

10am : Walkers leave.

12ish : Walkers arrive at Siop Laria, Brynaman.


Saturday 27th June :

10am : Walkers meet at Siop Laria.

6-7pm ish : Walkers arrive at Glyn Neath Co-Op.


Sunday 28th June :

11am : Walkers meet at Glyn Neath Co-Op.

1pm ish : Walkers stop for rest/refresh at Hirwaun Co-Op.

7pm ish : Walkers arrive at Abercynon train station.


Monday 29th June :

9.15am : Walkers meet at Abercynon Community Primary School.

9.30am : Assembly followed by photos.

10.30 ish : Walkers leave school.

12.30ish : Walkers stop at Pontypridd for rest/refresh and photo opportunity with Mayor.

15.30ish : Walkers stop at Taffs Well Co-Op for rest/refresh.

7-8pm ish : Walkers arrive at Chapter Arts Centre.


Tuesday 30th June :

8.45am : Walkers meet at St Patrick’s RC Primary School, Grangetown. Assembly with Nicaraguan Fairtrade coffee producer. Followed by photos/media.

10 / 10.30ish : Walkers leave school.

7-8pm ish : Walkers arrive in Newport.


Wednesday 1st July :

10am : Walkers leave Newport. (via Transporter bridge or road bridge).

12 ish : Walkers arrive at Newport Wetlands National Nature Reserve.

Photo opportunities and rest and refresh!

7pm ish : Walkers arrive in Magor.


Thursday 2nd July :

10am : Walkers meet at The Mustard Seed, Magor.

Walkers from Undy Primary School lead us to their school and tell us about their work on Fairtrade.

7.30 – 8pm ish : Walkers arrive in Chepstow.


Friday 3rd July :

9.30 : Walkers meet in Chepstow (Town Hall or Herbert Lewis tbc) for photo opportunity with local press.

7pm ish : Walkers arrive at The Create Centre, Bristol for Fairtrade Conference meal.


Saturday 4th July :

9am : Walkers meet at Wild Oats Natural Foods Store, Bristol.

9.15 : Walkers leave.

9.45 : Arrive at International Fair Trade Towns Conference :)