Scouts Persuade Shops to Go Further for Fairtrade

The 2nd New Quay and Llanarth Scouts have took to the streets of Aberaeron to complete a Fairtrade survey of the town’s shops. Working in partnership with the Aberaeron Fairtrade Town group, the 1000th town to receive Fairtrade status, the Scouts surveyed nearly 40 shops in Aberaeron.

They found that 9 shops currently sell Fairtrade products and 10 new shops said they would be interested in starting to sell Fairtrade products. Chocolate, tea and coffee were the most popular items but the survey found that fruit and non grocery items such as jewellery are also available.

“Millions of farmers still remain trapped in poverty by trade” said Colin Stevens, member of the Fairtrade Town group “if more people choose Fairtrade then we can change that, so it’s great news that new shops want to stock Fairtrade items”

After surveying the town, the Scouts were treated to lunch by the Fairtrade Group at Holy Trinity Church.  The Scouts also designed postcards as part of an attempt to break the world record for the world’s largest postcard to celebrate 5 years of Wales being a Fair Trade Nation.

“The Scouts have just started working with the Aberaeron Fairtrade Town Group” said Jenny Pitchford, Scout Leader. “It’s great to see them getting involved and doing their bit to help people escape poverty and unfair trade rules”

“We’ve been learning about Fairtrade in Scouts” said Isaac Jenkinson (13), a Scout “it’s good to know that we’re helping people have better lives – the lunch was nice too!”

As part of celebrating 5 years as a Fair Trade Nation, the Fairtrade Group and the Scouts will be working together again later in the year to publish a Fairtrade recipe book and hold a Fairtrade dinner and dance.