Resources for Youth Groups & Clubs

Resources for Youth Groups & Clubs

There are also many activities in Resources for Schools section that can be used for youth, scout and guide groups so take a look!

Send your Fairtrade Message to the World (Postcard Activity)

Lesson / Activity Plan: English / Cymraeg
Download postcard template
Fair Trade logo templates: WFTO / Fairtrade Mark / Fair Trade Nation


Straw Game
Wool Game
Fair Trade Activity Sheet
Banana Split Game: English / Cymraeg - Cafod
Youth for Fairtrade Resource Pack - Care International / Coventry Cathedral

Info Sheets

Meet the Banana Farmers: English | Cymraeg
Meet the Cotton Farmers: English | Cymraeg

Buying Fair Trade

Please see our what to buy and where page to find Fair Trade suppliers in Wales.

Useful Websites

Fairtrade Foundation - information and films about Fairtrade farmers and certification
Traidcraft Schools - a great section of dedicated resources for scouts, guides and youth groups
PaPaPaa - downloadable resources themed around chocolate from Dubble and Comic Relief. Also photo pack and DVD with short films available to order
Christian Aid - a range of resources on global issues including Fair Trade for youth leaders
Cafod - a range of resources on global issues including Fair Trade for youth leaders and young people
Oxfam - Youth Blog with views about food justice and security
Youth for Fairtrade - a Coventry based project that has trained young people as Fair Trade Ambassadors