Our stories; Mrunal Lahankar

As an organic cotton producer in India, supplying Fairtrade clothing to Marks and Spencers and H&M, Mrunal is passionate about the Fairtrade movement. She has first-hand experience of the positive impact Fairtrade can have in the developing world as toilets, a water purification plant, a seed nursery, and a child care centre have all been added to the communities that she works with as a result of Fairtrade money. Mrunal believes that the demands of consumers and buyers play a “crucial role” in the trade system and she seeks to promote Fairtrade products wherever she goes.. With this in mind, in 2012 she travelled to Trinity College in Carmarthen and Fair Dos in Cardiff as part of Fair Trade Wales’ Fairtrade Fortnight producer tour.

Mrunal says:

“For me, Fairtrade is an attempt of offering better trading conditions, thereby securing the rights of marginalized producers and workers. It helps the entire business-chain to understand the importance of ethical responsibility.”