Our Stories; Jennipher Wettaka

As a mother of six, Jennipher might not have been able to afford to send all her children to school if it wasn’t for Fairtrade. However, because she became a member of the Gumutindo Co-operative’, one of the main coffee suppliers for Equal Exchange, Jenniper has been able to take control of her family’s lives and her farming, receiving a fair and just price for her coffee beans. Fairtrade’s social premium has also been used for a variety of projects in her local community, from water storage to extra classrooms for schools.

Jennipher visited Wales in 2012 to encourage people to try her Fairtrade coffee – confident that once consumers had tasted how good it is, they’d permanently make the switch to Fairtrade coffee. She also shared how Fairtrade has helped Ugandan farmers get training in how to maintain coffee production and how to budget properly, as well as encouraging female farmers to join co-ops, a fact she is very proud of.  She’s maintained her links with Wales ever since and we hope to see her back here soon.

Jennipher says:

“As a woman, being involved with Fairtrade is very helpful. We understand the coffee business now and Fairtrade has taught us how to improve the quality of our coffee. It also helps women sell their coffee; we have a good market now. Fairtrade is also giving women freedom of speech. When we are paid we buy what we want and don’t have to ask our husbands, and we know how to budget for our household needs.”