No bog standard office job

When I first arrived I thought it would be one of those bog standard office jobs, but i couldn’t have been more wrong. Everything about it, from the work ethic to the clothing, was un-naturally normal and fun.  Once I met everyone my nervousness was overcome by firstly the friendliness of the three staff and how easily I  got to know everyone who worked at the office. Thankfully, I was slightly less un-nerved because one my ‘bosses’ was to be my older brother Tristan, whether this was a good thing i was to find out.

I was relieved that we didn’t have to wear the standard shirt and tie, this was particularly brilliant considering it was one of the hottest weeks in the year and all you could wear was shorts and a T-shirt. When we were doing the induction on the first day, my fellow work experiencee (Lois) and I were really interested and asking questions throughout. It was incredible how much Fair Trade helped farmers who were being left out by the current trading system.

Our first task was to make a quiz which would be answered by Elen, Helen and Tristan. So both me and Lois set off looking on the internet, trying to find obscure Fair Trade facts that they would have never have heard of.

I was amazed that Wales was leading the way in the fair trade movement. Before I came I didn’t realise that Wales was the first Country  in the world to become a ‘Fair Trade Nation’, that Cardiff was the first ‘Fairtrade Capital’ and that Wrexham was the first ‘Fair Trade County’. This is huge considering how small Wales is.

As it was only a week away from the Royal Welsh show, it was quite hectic. Lois and I’s first proper job was to locate some Fair Trade items from the accomplished Fair Trade store Fair dos, in order to make 4 pass the parcels. It was a really fun thing to do as the person who owned it was brilliant and was really helpful. When we got back to the office we started to make the parcels only to realise that it was going to be a very long job. It took us hours to make all 4 of the parcels because each one was much bigger than we imagined.

When I was doing most of my work I sat opposite one of the most inspiring figures in world history -Abraham Lincoln  (obviously not the real one but a bobble head).  It made me think about the opportunity Fairtrade provides for bringing about positive change in the world. To know that Fairtrade can help change the lives of millions, even billions, is quite astonishing. Hardly surprising that I enjoyed working here.