Meet Younas – a new Fair Trade Speaker!

Are you a community group looking for an inspiring and captivating talk?


Do you work with young people and want to hear firsthand about the challenges faced by children in Pakistan?


Are you a student interested in global issues?


Today over 168m children are in work around the world. That’s more than the population of Russia working for little to no pay to produce goods that we take for granted, often in hazardous conditions. From sports balls to shirts, the challenge is huge but what is being done to tackle it?

In this inspirational presentation Muhammad Younas shares his expert insight into reality of child labour in Pakistan and examines how we can make a difference by supporting Fairtrade.

Who is the presentation suitable for?

  • School groups of older pupils (aged 14 and above)
  • College & university groups
  • Adult education classes
  • Community groups

Is there a cost?

The only cost to the group or school is Younas’s travelling expenses from Cardiff. The presentation itself is free of charge.

How do I book Younas?

To contact Younas for more information or to book a presentation, please email