Introduction to Campaigning Workshop in Cardiff

This introductory level workshop is designed to equip people with the skills to bring about change at a local or national level. It provides the opportunity to find out how to develop a campaign strategy and identify the key skills needed to run an effective campaign.

Participants will already be involved at a basic level of campaigning or are just about to get started – whether you are challenging local authority social care changes or protesting against a local incinerator – if you want practical information and advice about the next steps, then this campaign workshop is for you.

In particular, you will gain:

  • Insight into the successful features of a campaign.
  • Knowledge about the key steps in planning a campaign.
  • A chance to meet other campaigners, developing your professional network and receiving peer support.

The workshop will be led by Harmit Kambo, Learning & Development Manager from the Sheila McKechnie Foundation. Jenny Rathbone AM, Assembly Member for Cardiff Central will also be speaking. Find out more and register at: