International Fair Trade Towns Conference 2017

Ffion and Elen (National Coordinator, currently seconded to the Future Generations Commission) will be heading to represent Wales at the International Fair Trade Towns Conference in Saarbrücken over the next few days. The annual conference, with this year’s theme; “Fair Trade across generations” will see stakeholders from numerous countries coming together to discuss the latest developments in Fair Trade as well as their experiences and ideas concerning the Fair Trade Towns Campaign. There is more information about the conference available below, and Ffion will be sending updates via our Instagram page, available here.

International Fair Trade Towns Conference 

The conference will include workshops for networking purposes on a European level and for enhancing project partnerships in the global South, as well as discussions about the sustainable development goals of the United Nations and various aspects of fair trade, innovations in social media, city marketing and positive collaboration between Fair Trade towns, schools, universities and much more. More information is available here.

Fair Trade Towns around the world

The Fair Trade Towns Campaign is a unique global movement in 30 countries. Approximately 2000 towns and cities around the world carry the Fair Trade Town title including London, Brussels, Rome, Saarbrücken, San Francisco and Copenhagen. Great Britain is considered the pioneer of the campaign as it is where the movement began in the year 2000 and it has since become a true model for success. In Germany, more than 480 communities carry the Fair Trade Town title. Fair Trade Towns promote fair trade on a community level and are the result of a successful network of individuals from civil society, politics and economy who take a stand for fair trade in their homes.

The Capital of Fair Trade

The host city of this year’s event, Saarbrücken, holds the title Capital of Fair Trade 2015. This award is given as part of the competition “Capital of Fair Trade” organised by the Service Agency Communities in One World. This year’s award winners will be selected prior to the International Fair Trade Towns Conference on the 14th of September 2017. As well as recognising the engagement demonstrated by the participating communities, this year’s competition will award 200,000 Euros split across five winning communities. In addition, there will be a further five prizes in the value of 10,000 Euros awarded to selected outstanding individual projects. More details can be found here.

Saarbrücken is within the cross-border region QuattroPole and therefore the conference will also be taking place in Luxembourg and in France. The conference is organised by the Fairtrade Initiative Saarbrücken and the QuattroFair partner organisations in Luxembourg, Metz and Trier. The conference will take place in cooperation with the International Fair Trade Towns Steering Committee, Fairtrade International and the World Fair Trade Organization.