Pupils speak directly to Fairtrade producers!

Five years after Wales became the world’s first Fair Trade Nation, more than 400 pupils from across the country will get a first-hand insight into what this really means as they take part in live link-ups from schools to Fairtrade producers across the globe.

The link-ups are part of the Fairtrade Voices project, funded by The Co-operative Membership, and managed by Fair Trade Wales, the organisation that supports the people of Wales to learn about the difference Fair Trade makes. It aims to link 12 schools around Wales with the Fairtrade producers who grow and produce the wonderful products that are available in our shops.

The project has three stages; stage one involves learning about Fairtrade in the classroom, with the support of a Fair Trade project worker.

At stage two, pupils from each school will visit the Co-operative Food store in their town, to learn about Fairtrade by interviewing the Co-operative Food store manager, and take part in a Fairtrade product hunt.

The final stage of the project will involve a live Skype link up with Fairtrade tea, blueberry, honey, cocoa and banana producer co-operatives in Chile, Dominican Republic, Ghana, India, Kenya and Panama to hear first-hand how Fairtrade makes a difference to the lives of the producers and the communities.

Helen Bradley, Education Manager, Fair Trade Wales said “It’s a great project to be part of and the young people are very excited. Already we have seen young people engage with the issues surrounding Fair Trade and this provides an opportunity for them to deepen their understanding of global issues and assist with their journey to become a Fairtrade School.”

Ashley Drake, Wales Manager of The Co-operative Membership said “We are delighted that our members voted to support this project. As the world’s first Fair Trade Nation and as pioneers of Fairtrade, it is only right that we come together to help educate and support young people to learn more about Fairtrade. It is great to be part of a project that inspires the next generation to understand how shopping locally can have a global impact.”

 The Fairtrade Voices project will take place during Autumn of 2013 and an educational website will be produced in 2014 with resources for all welsh schools and institutions.