How to order

This Fairtrade Fortnight, there is an array of resources available to you from the Fairtrade Foundation including posters, stickers, games etc check them out here. Note: There will be a postage charge, depending on how much you order.

Welsh Resources

If you would like materials in welsh, then the Fairtrade Foundation are supporting us to do this.

Please complete the order form below, and we will send you a pack containing 5 welsh posters, a sheet of stickers, a Breaks & Ladders Game and instructions and 2 campaign mug cut-outs. This pack is supplementary to the english language pack available here and will make sure your Fairtrade Break is great!


For schools, there is a dedicated page filled with lesson plans, assemblies, teachers notes, quizzes and games here. You can also order an event pack in english here or by completing our order form.

To download the Fairtrade Break Kit in welsh, please see below ( if you want it in English, click here)

Fairtrade Break Lesson Kit / Pecyn Cymorth Egwyl Masnach Deg 

Order Form for welsh pack