Fair Trade World Cup activities!

The Fair Trade In Football Campaign aims to raise awareness of the injustices in the world of football and enable people to take action to improve the lives of the people around the world. To engage children and young people, the Fair Trade World Cup was launched with fabulous ideas to help schools and youth groups get involved. There are 3 main activity ideas in the Fair Trade World Cup:

1. Fair Trade World Cup Fairtrade Football Tournament

There are 12 Fairtrade producer countries taking part in the World Cup in Brazil this year.

In each Fair Trade World Cup tournament up to 12 teams take part in a draw to represent one of these Fairtrade producer countries.  Each team consists of 5 players and 2 substitutes.  The tournament can take place within one school or involve 12 different schools.

Use Fairtrade footballs and wear Fairtrade cotton sportswear (see our Fairtrade schoolwear suppliers list).  You could even design your own Fairtrade football kit!

Find out how the tournament was run in Pembrokeshire through the Fair Trade in Football website or email Sharron Hardwick for information – fairfootball@outlook.com

2. The Fairtrade Country Profile competition

This is an opportunity to study Fairtrade producing countries involved in the World Cup.  The idea is to research and then make an interesting and creative profile of that country. You could turn this into a school competition where pupils can create individual or class profiles or create a whole school entry if you are involved in a Fair Trade World Cup Tournament. Deadline is June 30th 2014.

To enter please contact Sharron Hardwick - fairfootball@outlook.com

3. The Best Fairtrade Football Activity Award 2014

During your sports days, fetes, activities and events why not encourage the children to think of some interesting Fairtrade football activities.  For example, they could take photographs, make videos, write reports, or any other ideas.  The creators of the activity judged to be the most inspiring would then win the Best Fairtrade Football Activity Award 2014. Deadline is June 30th 2014.

To enter please contact Sharron Hardwick - fairfootball@outlook.com

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